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About Us

Hello and welcome to My Family Pet!

My Family Pet is a handy place for all pet owners, designed to help you with all questions you might have about your pet. Whether it’s late in the evening and you’ve found a lump on your dog’s coat, or it’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and you want to play some games with your dog but aren’t sure which ones are the best – My Family Pet can help! With a vast collection of articles that is always expanding, we aim to become the resource of choice for dedicated pet owners like you.

We like to think of ourselves as the intermediary between you, the owner, and the experts – the vets. We work closely with a small group of vets whose individual interests and specialisms combine to form an in-depth, reliable expertise on all things pet. Each and every article we add to My Family Pet is checked by veterinary professionals. And they aren’t just veterinary professionals, they’re practicing in the UK today, actively training recent vet graduates while striving to further their own knowledge base.

These vets are passionate about providing the very best care for pets. You can therefore take it for granted that all of the info on My Family Pet is relevant, accurate and up to date.

If you read one of our articles and decide that your pet really ought to visit the vet, you can use our practice locator to Find a Vet near you.

And it doesn’t stop there. You want a practice that has experience treating exotic pets? That’s fine. You want a practice that offers on-site parking or disability access? That’s also fine! You can use the filter tool to tailor the results – meaning that you’ll find the perfect veterinary practice for you and your best friend.